G3 Medley Ian McMaster
G3 MSR Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band
Nightmare on Ringhaddy Avenue
Struan Robertson
The Humours of Whiskey
Loch Carron
The Music Man
JF McKenzie
Seonaidh’s Tune
Sleepy Maggie
Dr McPhail’s Reel
G4 MAP 2/4s Prince Charles Welcome to Lochaber March G4 MAP MSR 78th’s Farewell to Gibralter
   I’ll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon     Archie Duncan
   Corriechoille’s 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting     Colonel MacLeod
   Sweet Maid of Glendaruel    
Hornpipes From Maui to Kona
Jimmy Blue
The Strutting Jig
Air & Reels Pachelbel’s Canon
Pachelbel’s Reel
 6/8s Rab’s Wedding    9/8s Heights of Dargai
  Mrs Lily Christie     Battle of the Somme
  Farewell to the Creeks     Sledgehead
 3/4s Dr Angus McDonald    3/4s The Green Hills
  Far O’er Struy     The Battle’s O’er
Castle Dangerous Lochanside
4/4s Scotland the Brave
Rowan Tree
Bonnie Gallowa’
MacPherson’s Lament


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